Team membership is open to all St. Jude’s students and registered parishoners of St. Judes or St. Max’s that are ages 5 through 14.

St. Jude Swim Team Info:

Contact: Nicole Bergen

$175 registration fee (per swimmer) Pay Registration Dues Here


Practice Schedule*

Yarrow YMCA (Aug-Nov)

Advanced: Tue/Fri 3:15-4:00pm

Intermediate: Tue/Fri 4:00-4:30pm

Beginner: Tue/Fri 4:30-5:00pm

*Based on Swimmer Assessment


 Team Suits (Required):                                             Team Gear (Optional):

Girls Suits $48 (Conejo Swimworks)                         DriFit Shirt $25 – Purchase

Boys Suits $36 (Conejo Swimworks)                         Premium Hoodie $45 – Purchase

Fittings/Ordering taking place at YMCA                                   

practice on Fri 8/19 from 3-4pm.


Swim Meets:

Crespi High School

8a-12n (Ages 5-8), 12-4p (Ages 9-14)

Sun, Sep 18 | Sun, Oct 2 | Sun, Oct 23

Championship Meet: Sun, Nov 13*

*Every swimmer must swim in at least one of the first three meets to qualify for the championship meet on Sun, Nov 13*

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