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Our 2022 Summer School enrollment will open March 1st!

Math Enrichment – Mondays & Tuesdays
Reading/Writing Enrichment – Wednesdays & Thursdays


7:45-8 am Drop Off
8-9:30 am Classroom Instruction
9:30-10 am Nutrition & Open Play
10-11 am Individualized Academic Instruction
11-11:45 am Daily Outdoor Activity & End of Day Wrap-up
12 pm Parent Pick-up

Low cost academic instruction in a small class size setting!


All 4 Weeks = $600
16 days at less than $10 an hour!

2 Weeks ONLY (Parent selects weeks; 4 days per week for 2 weeks) = $400

Math Only Days (8 days in total for all 4 weeks)= $400

Reading/Writing Only Days (8 days in total for all 4 weeks)= $400


This year’s summer school will begin on June 20th and will go for 4 consecutive weeks until the final day on July 14th. The school day will go from 8am – 12pm, Monday through Thursday. The week of July 4th, we will be in session Tuesday – Friday.


1. Students will receive academic instruction on the 1st trimester curriculum for their 2022-2023 school year grade level. For instance, a current 2nd grade student will receive the 1st trimester academic curriculum for 3rd grade. The instructional materials will not be all of the materials covered but simply the main components of each subject area. At the end of the summer school, the teacher will give a recommendation for “further learning” in areas that your child may need before coming back to school in the fall.

2. We will have a daily period of executive functioning training for each student. This will look different depending on grade level as our younger elementary students will receive direct instruction on classroom norms and structure as well.

3. We will have a lot of fun! We intend on using all of our campus and even heading out for a field trip or two! We want our students to love school and build great relationships with their peers. There is no better way to do this than have many fun activities, games and outdoor experiences for our students. We intend for students to enjoy coming to summer school and make new friends all summer long.


Do they need to wear uniforms? No. It is free dress but students must wear closed toed shoes and appropriate clothing.

When do I pay? We ask that all payments are made by May 16th.

What is the 2 week option like? You may choose any of the two full weeks that best fit your schedule. We want to be flexible for our families!

Will there be lunch? No, we will release students at 12pm for lunch. We will have times for snacks!

What will the activities look like? We plan on having fun! We want to have athletics, water balloons, games and more! In addition, we know the summer months will be hot, so we are purchasing activities for students to do indoors as well. My goal is to have students off screens and getting outdoors this summer!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at mfreel@stjudeschool.org anytime.

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