When using photographs or video of individuals in connection with the St. Jude The Apostle School, including on the website ( and related sites*, in any St. Jude The Apostle School-produced programs, advertising, promotion, social media and/or publicity, it is important to consider if a form (“release”) from the subjects/models is required before the photography is published or otherwise made publicly available.

The following guidelines apply to the distribution of photos/videos taken by school personnel or those acting as an agent of the university and distributed externally, such as on school websites, digital channels or in marketing materials.

Releases are typically required if the individual:

  • Is recognizable; the primary focus of the photograph/video shot
  • Is identifiable in a small group setting, such as a small group of students studying in the library or congregating as the lunch tables. In these cases, a release should be obtained from each subject
  • Has been recruited to serve as a model
  • Is a minor (under 18 years of age); a parental release is required.

Releases are typically not required if:

  • Photographed in large group shots in a public space or at public events with little expectation of privacy, such as sporting events and concerts
  • It is a large group setting, such as wide shots of classrooms or campus scenic shots with no single subject
  • The subject is not recognizable, such as silhouettes, posterior view or out of focus

What if I am not sure if a release is required?

If the situation does not fall under one of the outlined scenarios, assess the need for a release by asking: what expectation of privacy does the subject reasonably have in this situation? If there is a reasonable expectation of privacy, a release is necessary.

Why do we need photo releases?

Photo releases are especially important and necessary when photographing students and complying with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), the federal law that protects the privacy of student education records.

To comply with FERPA, St. Jude The Apostle School must have a signed written consent for all students easily identified in St. Jude The Apostle School-produced photos/video prior to making the content public. Passive consent is not in compliance with FERPA.

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rev. 8/2021