What Happens in Ceramics Class

St Jude’s Ceramic Classes provide students with the experience of how to work with clay to create their own works of art. In the class they use various methods of sculpting with clay, application of glaze, different sculpting techniques and how to create a ceramic  piece from start to finish.  This class is creative and fun.

The classes she offers at St Jude School are offering students a creative, positive, supportive environment. Children need no prior art experience, just an open mind and heart.  They’ll learn all techniques of hand-building, and gain confidence to work with clay and glazing without judgment.

Children create various functional pieces – some nature inspired, as well as using Holidays as the inspiration, starting with Halloween – ending with Easter.

About Gabriella Hoffman

Originally from Budapest, Hungary, Gabriella Hoffman came to California in 1986. From an early age, she painted and sculpted works of art.

Gabriella graduated from college with majors in Public Relations and international marketing,. She worked in publishing and as a talent agent while continuing creating art. Her company, Eva’s Garden is named in memory of her Mother, who died of Multiple Sclerosis in 1993.

Gabriella lives with her husband and two children in Agoura Hills, and the past 12 years sharing her love and talent through ceramic parties.