Our Meet the Masters Program runs exclusively for our Kindergarten through 5th grades.

All students at St. Jude’s school participate in a wonderful art program called Meet the Masters. This is an extensive program in which the students are introduced to the masters of various art genres, ranging from modern art to classical art. They learn fundamental art terms and techniques such as drawing, sketching, shading, and painting.

Each year students are introduced to seven artists. There are three groups of artists, so students will be re-exposed to familiar artists every three years, just at a more advanced level. For instance, if your child learned about Rembrandt in Kindergarten, then they will revisit him in 3rd grade and again in 6th grade. Each session typically lasts two hours, and therefore teachers have the option of spreading out the content of the lesson. Classes are typically introduced to one artist per month (give or take). Lessons are divided into 3 levels- beginning, intermediate, and advanced. Some lessons additionally include a level just for the beginning artists in kindergarten.

The lesson begins by introducing the students to the selected artist via Power Point slides. The slides include photographs or portraits of the “master”, along with the artist’s works of art. Slides may also include other artists whose works have influenced the featured master. Teachers are given a full script to read and questions to ask while showing the slides, enhancing the students involvement in the learning process.

Next, the students are each given technique packets that help them become familiar with the art technique they will be using. The teacher shows a technique on the board, and the students are guided along as they practice the technique in their packets.

Once the students have practiced their techniques, they are ready to produce their own work of art! The school is equipped with various art mediums for the students to use in order to produce a piece of art that mimics that of the featured master. They are guided in a comfortably-paced, step-by-step process resulting in beautiful masterpieces.

For more information on Meet the Masters, please check out their website at: