Tuition Fee Schedule 2024-2025

One Child: $8200.00

Two Children:  $15,990.00  ($7,790.00 & $8,200.00) – 5% discount on 2nd tuition

Three Children: $23, 370.00 ($7,380.00 & $7,790.00 & $8,200.00) – 5% discount on 2nd and 10% discount on 3rd   tuition.

The school does offer financial assistance.  The application process is through Smart Tuition and available online at  It is a personalized process. Please call or e-mail Principal Marty Freel if there are any questions.  We do not want finances to be the reason to not choose a Catholic education.

FEES: all fees are non-refundable**

Application Fee :  $200.00** new student

General Fee*:  $675.00** per student

Breakdown: $350.00 Technology

$300.00 Educational materials

$25.00   PTG fee

8th Grade Graduation Fee: $550.00**

Kinder Graduation Fee: $40.00**

2nd Grade Sacraments Fee:  $30.00**

Junior High Educational Experiences:   

 6th Grade Outdoor School: $400.00** – Spring Trimester

7th Grade-CIMI (Catalina Marine Institute):  $700.00** –  Fall Trimester

8th Grade trip (Washington, DC or other): TBD – Easter Break

Astro Camp – $375**
Includes: the camp, food, room & board and transportation for 3 days and 2 nights. This also includes the adult chaperone’s room & board as well.

**All fees are non-refundable.