Why Choose St. Jude’s?

“I’m often asked why we chose to send our children to St. Jude the Apostle School when the public schools in our area are among the best in the nation. The answer is simple – we believe in educating our whole child, academically, spiritually, socially and physically, and there is no better school than St. Jude’s to ensure all those areas are covered.”

“St. Jude really is a close-knit community of families who share the same values. We know that what we teach at home is reinforced at school, and we have confidence in the ability of the school to equip our children with the tools needed to deal with an uncertain and changing world. We really feel the teachers and administrators not only know our children, but genuinely care for them as well. It is comforting to send your children off to such a supportive environment.”

“If you believe in Catholic education, then St. Jude’s is the best choice. The mission says it all, “forming young people in the image of Jesus.” The students celebrate the sacraments together and attend weekly Mass. They celebrate holidays at school, and are aware of the real reasons we celebrate Christmas and Easter.”

“The academics at St. Jude the Apostle are top-notch. Each year, our eighth graders are accepted into the best area high schools where they are well prepared to succeed. The school keeps pace with new standards in technology, while continuing to teach the basics imperative to college preparation.”

“I love how the older students participate in the lives of the younger students. The school families, study buddy and guardian angel programs all encourage middle-school students to take on leadership roles that will ultimately help prepare them for high school. And the little ones benefit from spending time with the bigger kids. It really feels like a family.”

“As a family with two working parents, we are so blessed that the education at St. Jude’s can continue after the school day is over. My daughter enjoys the Irish dancing program and ceramics, and my son is learning guitar, participating in Lego league and playing on the school’s basketball team. We often take advantage of the excellent after-school care program as well, which is a Godsend on days when we can’t get to school until after our work day is over. The kids complete their homework, with the help of a teacher if needed, and get to play with their friends under the loving supervision of the childcare team until we arrive. We love it!