Welcome to St. Jude School!

Welcome to our St. Jude the Apostle website. We hope that this site will provide prospective families a general overview of life at St. Jude the Apostle Elementary School. For our current families, it will provide links to information about the day to day events happening at St. Jude’s as well as access to needed general information. St. Jude the Apostle is now in its 37th year as a Catholic elementary school that is part of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. We consider ourselves, first and foremost, a faith-based school. This means striving for our best in personal behavior and responsibility towards each other as well as academic excellence. We are blessed to be here in Westlake Village and participating in a variety of Christian Services projects helps our students and families pay it forward. We integrate our faith in all aspects of school life whether it is attending services in Church for Masses and prayer or working together as school families in a variety of different activities i.e. Reading Buddies (1st & 6th); Guardian Angels (2nd & 8th) and Study Buddies (Kinder & 5th). We have a wonderful and supportive staff of 25 teachers, specialists, staff and teacher’s assistants who help make this all possible. We also are blessed with a very high level of parental involvement. Parents assist with the support of daily programs such as serving of our hot lunch program, staffing the health office as well providing added hands for supervision in the Kinder program as well as art, science and other curriculum activities. Our parents also are very involved with fundraising activities, which has made many of our supplemental programs and materials possible. St. Jude has a well developed technology plan and we are able to provide the needed infrastructure as well as a variety of different devices to incorporate technology in all aspects of the curriculum.

We love to show our campus off. Please call the office at (818) 889-9483 to schedule a personal tour at a time that is convenient for you and your family.

Mr. Marty Freel, Principal

“….forming young people in the image of Jesus”