Our JagTech program is continuing to grow and will help expand our students’ knowledge of online platforms and educational tools needed to be successful in high school. We have successfully purchased 30 new ThinkPad laptops that will be issued to every Junior High School student this year. These laptops will help our students get familiar with all Google and Microsoft learning platforms. These platforms include Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Microsoft apps.

In addition to our laptops for the Junior High, we have also successfully secured 175 iPads that will be distributed to teachers and students this year.  Our new iPad program will be utilized for improving literacy and math skills of each student by using new and innovative ways to build mastery in reading, writing and math.

Will technology take the place of traditional learning practices of writing and reading?

Our laptops in the Junior High will positively impact our students learning by increasing their ability to research, produce and explore different educational content. The iPad program will not replace any traditional learning that needs to take place, especially at the primary level. This means that students will have the same opportunities to learn how to write, read and practice their skills without the use of technology. The iPads are a supplementary tool to further enhance the learning experience of each student at St. Jude.

  • 30 new ThinkPad laptops for Junior High use
  • 175 new iPads for Elementary use
  • interactive white boards in all instructional classrooms (Kinder to 8th, Science and Math Enrichment)
  • Wolf-vision document cameras shared and available to all faculty.
  • Sets of (30) new Lenovo laptops in 6th, 7th and 8th Grades for student use. Total in Jr. High: 90.
  • Set of 24 Dell laptops in 4th Grade
  • Set of 12 Dell laptops in the Science Lab for group use
  • A cart of (30) new Lenovo laptops for use by Kinder to 5th
  • Faculty members have a variety of devices for their use including;
  • iPads, Fujitsu tablets and Lenovo Think Pad laptops
  • A variety of education software to support the academic program including: BrainPop, BrainPop Jr., IXL and Star Renaissance for the Accelerated Reading program and LA Archdiocese testing program in Reading and Math.
  • Over 5 miles of cabling across the campus & throughout the classrooms. We are wired well into the next decade.
  • Both school and parish have Wi-Fi capability with public as well as secured (for students) networks available.