1. Please click below to begin the process of re-enrollment.

2. Please proceed as instructed. Update any information as necessary.

3. Once submitted, a re-enrollment fee of $75 will be due. Contact our school office at 818-889-9483 to arrange payment. This fee is due by February 17 at 3pm, 2022 to secure your student’s spot.

4. Current students can enroll after the February 17th, 3 pm deadline. There is then an increased fee of $100, and the student’s spot is not guaranteed for the following year.

PLEASE NOTE: This application/registration portal will ask you to designate “He,” “She,” or “They” in relation to your child’s gender. As we are unable to modify these choices, and in this specific instance, we will understand “He” to indicate biological male at birth, regardless of acceptance or perceived identity, and “She” to indicate biological female at birth, regardless of acceptance or perceived identity. We do not recognize “They.”

For more information regarding the Catholic stance on gender ideology, please click here:

Parents need to re-apply each year for financial aid with Smart Tuition. If you are applying for financial aid, click below for instructions.

Important Dates:

February 17th, 3PM – Priority Enrollment Deadline (Current Families)

May 5th – General Fee deadline*
*Fee secures your child’s spot for the 22-23 school year.