Principal’s Letter

Spring 2017 Principal’s Letter

Dear St. Jude Families,

Welcome to our St. Jude the Apostle School website!

It is springtime and we are preparing for Holy Week and the Easter celebration when we acknowledge the great sacrifice that Jesus made for all us on the Cross and the hope that is symbolized by His Resurrection.    We started our preparation on Ash Wednesday, when we attended a prayer service together as a school.  In the various grade levels, the importance of Lent preparation was discussed: including prayer, almsgiving and fasting⁄sacrifice (what we give up for Lent).  I am also touched by the sincerity with which the students discuss all these different topics with their teachers.   At St. Jude’s, one of our traditions is the presentation of the “Living Stations of the Cross” by our 8th Graders.  The students narrate and act out the stations for the students, during the school day, and then again in the evening for the parish.   We continue to prepare with our final school prayer service on Holy Thursday, where we re-enact the “Washing of the Feet”.   Again, I am touched by the students’ attention during this service where we focus on how to lead by example.  We are blessed to be able to express our faith as part of our school day and program.

After our Easter break, school life is full of all the details involved with finishing up the current school year, especially for our 8th Graders, the Class of 2017.  St. Jude the Apostle has  wonderful traditions that are part of Graduation.   Some of the activities occurred earlier in the school year, such as the Advent Program.  We then continued with the Living Stations of the Cross.  Upcoming events include: The May Procession, the 8th Grade Tribute (a musical review and celebration of the Class of 2017’s times at St. Jude’s) and Olympic Day( where our 8th graders lead their School Families in a morning of fun competitions at Triunfo Park). The final week of Graduation includes: a class retreat; the school’s presentation of the Paraliturgy (Kinder to 7th’s final words of thanks and wisdom to the Class of 2017) and ends with our Graduation Brunch and Mass.   We wish the Class of 2017 all the best as they head off to our local Catholic and public high schools this fall and hope that they value and appreciate all these special times that are part of Graduation.

It is unique to be on a campus where you can watch the growth and development of students from Kinder to 8th.   We hope that as they grow academically that we are embedding the seeds of their faith to help prepare them for the larger world.   At St. Jude the Apostle, our SLE’s (Student Learning Expectations), embrace all that we want them to be:

God                   Keeping God at the center of your life

Others              Treating others the way you want to be treated
Justice             Knowing justice to know peace

Academics      Fulfilling your potential as a learner

Global               Engaging safely in the global community

Unity                Uniting as brothers and sisters in Christ

Active               Making safe and healthy choices

Respect            Respecting all of God’s creations

Service             Improving the lives of others

If you would like to learn more about our school and its programs, please contact Mrs. Michele Schulte, Principal @ (818)889-9483.  We are glad to give private tours and talk  more about our wonderful school!

Mrs. Michele Schulte, Principal