Welcome to a new year in our beautiful library!Again this year, each grade will have an allotted time when their class will come to the library.  The children are encouraged to visit the library often, during recess and lunch recess when the library is open.

The Accelerate Reader Program is, once again, a favorite of both students and teachers. An upgraded new program has been purchased which provides tests for most of the books that our children read.

First grade will begin Accelerated Reading around the beginning of January.

Children are encouraged to return their books to the classroom “library box” the day before their books are due. Parents are urged to remind their children to return their books on time. The late fee for overdue books is 25 cents for each day the book is not returned. Please note: children with overdue books will not be allowed to take out a new book until the overdue book is returned. Lost or damaged books must be paid for or replaced.

I am looking forward to another outstanding year in the St. Jude School Library!
Mrs. Doyle