Grading Information

St Jude the Apostle uses the Jupiter Grades software program for it’s report card, attendance for grades 1st – 8th and also discipline for grades 5th – 8th.

Jupiter Grades allows Parents and Students in 5th through 8th grades to monitor their child’s progress from any device with a login and password. On the site there is a calendar for upcoming assignments, a discipline section where you can see any infractions. Parents can have alerts sent to their devices if anything is logged in by a Teacher that the parent has requested.

Report cards and Progress reports are generated by Jupiter Grades each quarter and are sent home. These grades can also be seen online for the parent and student.

Grading Scale

Kindergarten uses a developmental scale.

1st and 2nd grades use the scale below:
E = Exceeds grade Level Expectations
M = Meets grade Level Expectations
T = Time needed to meet Grade Level Expectations Subjects

3rd through 8th uses the scale below:

A = 97-100%
A- = 93-96%
B+ = 90-92%
B = 87-89%
B- = 85-86%
C+ = 80-84%