Morning Drop-Off and Afternoon Pick-Up

Morning Drop-Off:

Occurs between 7:30 am -7:55 am. Staff is available to monitor your child outside their classroom.  Enter the parking lot (first right past the Lindero/Lakeview Canyon intersection), follow it around to the front of the school. Staff will be available to receive your child. If you need to assist your child with their car-seat, you may promptly help them exit your vehicle safely.

Afternoon Pick-up:

Again, enter the parking lot (first right past the Lindero/Lakeview Canyon intersection) and follow around to the main gate. Two lines will form. Pick either line. At 2:45 pm, the gates will open and a staff member will call your family name to the school to ready your child for pick-up. Seven cars are allowed through at a time. Please watch the staff members for instruction to move forward. To expedite this process, you will be given a placard with your name. Please place this on your dashboard. You will continue to move through the line (pull all the way forward and please move slowly and safely) until you reach your child. If your child needs assistance with a child seat, you may quickly exit the vehicle to assist them.

Rainy-Day/Classroom Pick-up:

At times, you will be notified that children are to be picked up at their classroom. In this case, you will park in the main school/church parking lot and walk up to your child’s classroom. This happens from time to time due to weather, school fundraising, or for school administration needs. Please watch your email for classroom pick-up notifications.