St. Jude the Apostle uses curriculum standards to create a continuum of learning for all students. The curriculum is aligned to the Archdiocesan as well as California State Standards in all subject areas, using textbooks and other various resources as a means of achieving this. The school is currently in the process of aligning the English Language Arts (ELA) Standards to the Common Core State Standards. A new textbook series as well as supplemental materials, including the integration of technology, as resources to ensure a smooth transition. The school is also working on the integration of the Math Common Core State Standards as well.

The school uses frequent and varied assessments to measure acceptable progress towards the curriculum standards. Student achievement is measured and monitored through standardized assessments such as the ITBS/IOWA Assessment, formative classroom assessments, grades earned through standards-based lessons, completed coursework and projects, homework, and student observation.

The faculty uses Planbookedu as an on-line tool to ensure that curriculum standards are being met and to track the progression of the standards.