Consultative School Board Membership 2014-2015

Mrs. Susan Koch

Dr. Richard Malfatti

Mrs. Lori Manfredonia

Mrs. Sharon Thomas

Mrs. Nancy Taylor

Mrs. Tracy Ragusa, PTG President

Mrs. Michele Schulte, Principal

Parish Advisors:

Fr. Jim Stehly, Pastor
Mrs. Barbara Farmer

Overview of Role of Consultative School Board

The Board is established to assist the Principal and ultimately the Pastor by providing advice and counsel particularly in the following areas:

Strategic Planning
To assist in formulating strategic goals in accord with the mission statement for the long-term sustainability of the school

Policy Formulation
To provide advice and counsel with regard to policies in areas determined by the Pastor and Principal Evaluation of Policies, Plans, Mission Effectiveness, and Board Self-Evaluation

Institutional Advancement/Development
To provide advice and counsel with regard to the establishment and maintenance of comprehensive programs of institutional advancement and to enhance the image, enrollment, and financial viability of the school

Financial Planning and Financial Management
To provide advice and counsel with regard to long-range financial planning, annual budget development and monitoring, and financial reporting

Communication and Mission Enhancement

To provide advice and counsel with regard to communicating school policies and activities to various school constituencies

To provide advice and counsel with regard to both mission effectiveness and mission enhancement

The Board has no authority for formulating policies separate from the Pastor and Principal. The Board does not have responsibility for determining the amount of parish funds in support of the school and has no direct responsibility with regard to school curriculum, staff/personnel or students.

Note: By-laws for the Board are in process of formal approval from the Los Angeles Archdiocese. Will be posted after approval is received.

Click here to download St Jude By-laws