Christian Service Program

As a Catholic school, our mission is to develop young people in the image of Jesus. At. St. Jude, we feel that in order to be successful in this goal, we must put great systems in place to make a true impact on each child. Our focus in everything that we do is built upon three core principles:

  • Faith – Developing the faith in Jesus and the beauty of the Catholic faith is what our students experience everyday on campus. In every aspect of our school, we first begin with our faith.
  • Excellence – We strive for excellence in everything that we do as a school. Excellence is promoted both inside the classroom and outside of it as we focus on the healthy development of each and every child, everyday. 
  • Service – Our Catholic faith goes beyond our belief and love for God, it is also a call to service others in need. We believe that everyday is a new opportunity to show God’s love, grace and sacrifice for others. 

Development of Young Christian Leaders

Monthly Virtue Educational Opportunities

Intentional focus on the development of faith and excellence within students

Student Assemblies with Virtue presentation

  1. Students are introduced to a new Virtue every month via student assembly
  2. Once a week, while in their religion elective course, student will be given structured lessons about a saint that entails many of the same qualities that the Virtue of the Month develops in a person
  3. At the end of each month, students will vote on a peer in their class that exemplifies that Virtue most throughout the month. This student is recognized at the Student Assembly the following month

Student’s Commitment to Service 

Intentional focus of providing service opportunities for students

  1. Our Student Christian Service Program is developed to help provide both educational and emotional growth in students of all ages by exposing them to acts of service for a greater good. 
  2. Students in grade K-5th are given a service occupation in which they will support throughout the year. Each class will provide one major service per year for their given occupation and in turn, we will expose students to the greater good that these service occupations provide for our community by attending field trips and guest speakers.