Christian Service Program


School and Community Support:

The Christian Service Committee supports other schools and community nonprofit organizations such as Holy Spirit School Supplies, Back to School Picnic, Mass Hospitality, Santa Comes to Agoura and My Stuff Bags. There is a wide variety of ministries to fit your individual interests and concerns.

Meeting Times:

Christian Service Committee is open to all our school families, so bring a friend! It’s a great way to meet other parents while doing good for others. The Christian Service Committee has meetings the first Wednesdays of every month in the Church Hall from 8:00-9:30 am. Each meeting consists of opening prayer, updates on current charities or fundraisers and a speaker from our “Fantastic Families” series. This year we have different speakers to address the 6 principles of “Fantastic Families”. The 6 principles are: Commitment, Appreciation, Positive Communication, Quality Time, Coping with Stress and Spiritual Wellness. Coffee and breakfast items are provided.


Kindergarten – Protect our Planet

1st Grade – Caring for Kids

2nd Grade – Vocation Appreciation

3rd Grade – Embracing Wisdom – Mary Health of the Sick

4th Grade – Love Thy Neighbor Firefighters and Police Neighborhood Outreach

5th Grade – Helpers for our Heroes -US Military

6th Grade – Direct Outreach Program – Special Olympics

7th Grade – Reaching Out Community Direct Outreach Programs

8th Grade – Reaching Out Community Direct Outreach Programs