Meeting Times:

The Christian Service Committee meets in the school library on the second Monday of every month at 8am. Our members are parents from every grade level and open to everyone who’s interested. Please drop by and get to know us! Meetings for 2017-18 are scheduled for September 11, Oct 9, Nov 13, Dec 11, Jan 8, Feb 12, March 12, April 9 and May 14.

Community Support:

We try to show our students how to “love thy neighbor.” The members of the Christian Service Committee hosts an annual Lenten Dinner for the school and parish, and we offer coffee receptions after student-hosted school Masses. We also get involved, with our students, in the community beyond the school.

One privilege of attending Catholic school is the opportunity to nurture a sense of responsibility to help those in need. Each grade is responsible for outreach events and drives, such as collecting necessities for the troops or school supplies for less fortunate students. In addition, every grade has a thematic area of responsibility around which a class activity is planned. For example, Kindergarten’s mission is “Protect the Planet” and in previous years, students have cleaned local beaches or state parks. First grade focuses on “Caring for Kids” and second grade embraces “Vocation Appreciation.” Third grade puts it emphasis on “Embracing Wisdom,” fourth grade on “Love Thy Neighbor” and fifth grade acts as “Helpers for our Heroes.” Junior High students are required to earn Christian Service hours and can do so through a variety of charity drives and parish events. Significantly, Junior High students (with the assistance of their parents) prepare and serve home-cooked meals every other month to our local homeless population.

2017-18 dates for homeless dinners:

August 11th: Dinner and lunches prepared by all of Junior High

October 13th: Dinner prepared and served by 8th grade; lunches provided by 6th grade.

December 8th: Dinner prepared and served by 7th grade; lunches provided by 8th grade.

February 9th: Dinner prepared and served by 6th grade; lunches provided by 7th grade.

April 13th: Dinner prepared and served by 8th grade; lunches provided by 6th grade.

June 8th: Dinner prepared and served by all Junior High; lunches provided by 5th grade.

Your involvement helps build community. We invite everyone to join the Christian Service Committee and thank you for participating in our activities!

Kindergarten – Protect our Planet

1st Grade – Caring for Kids

2nd Grade – Vocation Appreciation

3rd Grade – Embracing Wisdom – Mary Health of the Sick

4th Grade – Love Thy Neighbor Firefighters and Police Neighborhood Outreach

5th Grade – Helpers for our Heroes -US Military

6th Grade – Direct Outreach Program – Special Olympics

7th Grade – Reaching Out Community Direct Outreach Programs

8th Grade – Reaching Out Community Direct Outreach Programs