St. Jude’s Cheer leading Program

Welcome to the St. Jude the Apostle School’s cheerleading home page. We are very excited about our growing program and welcome all girls at our school to participate. We have two teams thisyear- Varsity and Junior Varsity with 38 girls in total on our teams. If you are currently a member of our squad and are looking for team information, please refer to our team Shutterfly page. !

General Information

• Any eligible St. Jude student in grades 1-8 will make the St. Jude’s cheerleading team. Each Spring we hold a mandatory try out to secure a position on the team for every girl, decide
team captains, and to provide the valuable experience of this process for your daughter. If your daughter would like to join the team post try outs, please contact a cheer moderator.

• Cheerleaders will cheer at several school activities including most boys and girls sports games, pep rallies, the September Faire, Grandparents Day, and Open House.

• Cheerleaders will understand that they are representatives of our school and their actions will reflect our school rules and values at all times.!

• Cheerleaders will understand that their academic performance is their primary responsibility and if her academic standing fails, she may be asked to fulfill a probationary period determined by Mrs. Schulte.

• All cheerleaders must purchase a complete St. Jude’s cheerleading uniform and dress accordingly for games and performances.

• We will have a one day mandatory cheerleading camp in August. Details will be announced after try outs.

• During the school year we will have one practice per week to prepare for upcoming gamesand performances. Our captains will hold lunch time practices on Tuesdays when necessary.

We support our cheerleaders participation in other St. Jude School sports and activities but we ask that they attend the majority of our scheduled practices and events.

Please contact the St. Jude the Apostle School Cheerleading Moderators if you have any immediate questions or concerns. We are so excited about the enthusiastic response from your
daughters and look forward to making this a rewarding experience for us all! Go Jaguars!!!!

Varsity Moderators (Grades 5-8):

Denise Vona-!
Camille Land-!
Karen Lyman-! !
Junior Varsity Moderators (Grades 1-4):!
Melissa Bachelor-!
Jamie Luithily-!
Amanda Simic-!
Peaches Jensen-

Go Jaguars!