Campus Security Project for St. Jude the Apostle School

Back in 1982, our founding pastor Monsignor O’ Connell had the ground breaking vision to build St. Jude’s School.  Without a doubt, his vision has been grasped and expanded upon based on the needs of our ever changing community. Since its founding 35 years ago, St. Jude’s school has undergone several modifications.  Each modification planned and measured to fit the needs of its students.  With each layer of progression, our children have benefited as a result.  Once again, our school is due for another advancement.  This time, it’s in the form of campus security.  We can all agree, there is nothing more important in this world to the parents and parishioners of St Jude’s School than the well-being and safety of our children.

Our security program will consist of creating a perimeter using wrought Iron fencing, vehicular gates, and personal gates that will control who is allowed access while school is in session.  While school is in session, these gates will be closed.  Wrought Iron has been selected as the material of choice for this project due to the fact that it is not easily breached or vandalized.  Moreover, it maintains visibility.  On weekends, for this busy parish, the fences will be rolled back to allow maximum use of the parish parking lot.

Here are the goals of the security fencing, gate and access control security plan:

  1. Designating the school grounds as a well-defined, carefully maintained space that deserves respect.
  2. Further enabling and expanding video surveillance by school staff.
  3. Modernizing our safety systems and providing more efficiency.
  4. Limiting access to areas that are not highly visible.
  5. Restricting entry and exit points to a few easily monitored areas.

To help you visualize the scope of the future project we have put together a site plan and renderings outlining where the new fencing, vehicular gates, and personal gates will be located.  We are in the process of obtaining firm bids for the work from several  local  contractors.  This project will be phased over a period of time based on the gracious and kind support of our St. Jude the Apostle Community. Click here to view site plan

Your kind donation can be accepted here: Click here to make a donation

Thank you.

The St. Jude the Apostle Security Committee