STAR Reading Assessment

This is a web-based tool we use to find the reading level appropriate for each child, so they may participate in the Accelerated Reader (AR) Program. STAR tests basic vocabulary, comprehension and literary skills.

The program is supportive of the Common Core Curriculum and is used as a tool to help teachers identify students’ instructional reading levels. We test our students throughout each new school year. This gives teachers a base reading range for each student so we can guide them, on an individual basis, to read material that should be appropriate for their abilities.

Testing for this individual reading range is done many times throughout the year to assist the classroom teacher in assessing student growth. If a student is consistently passing AR tests at 80% or higher, then they are given an opportunity to re-evaluate and possibly raise their reading range.

AR Reading Practice Quizzes

The “AR Testing” is used to encourage students to develop his or her reading skills. The students use their target reading ranges to select appropriate books, they like, for independent reading. Classes have a set time, once a week, to come to the library to be tested for comprehension. A classroom log sheet keeps track of their scores. Occasionally, rewards or incentives are given to the students to encourage participation.

Students are asked to read and complete AR tests according to the goal chart. A participation grade for Language/Literature is given to each student meeting this goal for each trimester. Once these goals have been met for the trimester, students will be able to read any book they choose and test. Teachers help encourage and steer students to choose appropriate books. Parents may also use to search for books of their children.

Felicia Scrofano

STAR and AR Administrator


Accelerated Reader Goals per trimester

Second Grade

2 books in reading range


Third Grade

2 books in reading range


Fourth Grade

2 books in reading range


Fifth Grade

2 books in reading range


Sixth Grade

2 books in reading range


Seventh Grade

2 books in reading range


Eighth Grade

2 books in reading range