In third through fifth grades at St. Jude the Apostle School, teachers provide a formal education, which nurtures the students. With St. Jude as our guide and believing that the children are the future of the Catholic Church, we state our mission as “forming young people in the image of Jesus”.


Keeping with the Common Core standards, our Language Arts and Math curriculum includes traditional teaching methods as well as technology integrated lessons.   We use a variety of methods to teach all learning styles so that students become more independent and self-confident in their work.


Each classroom is equipped with a variety of technology, such as document cameras, interactive white boards, Apple TV, and projectors.  In addition, teachers have access to the use of iPads to access the wide variety of applications that focus on education.  The use of laptop computers are used in the classroom.  Students strengthen their computer skills and use different programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher to complete grade level appropriate assignments.


As an elementary faculty we work together to keep the transition from grade level to grade level as fluid as possible.  Teachers from the primary and intermediate levels meet weekly to discuss current school related topics.


With the support of the entire community, the school endeavors to instruct the whole child, fostering spiritual, intellectual, psychological, social, aesthetic, and physical development.